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Vintage Style Jewelry For A Trendy Everyday Look - Zaiyou Jewelry

Vintage Style Jewelry For A Trendy Everyday Look

Life is an unknown voyage. We walk through fields of thorns and sail against endless waves, experiencing the ups and downs of life. In this journey, we find companions who always point the way for us, acting like the compass of our lives. They guide us to bravely explore the frontiers and realize our hearts’ passion. Zaiyou Jewelry celebrates these companions and this enduring journey with an assortment of vintage-styled earrings, pendants, and rings inspired by the compass that guide us through uncharted waters. The exquisite pieces from Lead Me On Collection of trendy and luxurious designer jewelry feature lab-grown diamonds and electroplated 14k yellow and white gold. The element of the compass is presented in an antique style with glorious gold and silver colors. The lustrous metal reflects diamond fire and safeguards your expedition. May the compass guide you to explore your potential and help you find your enthusiasm. This collection is perfect for those who love vintage-style jewelry and will also be a fantastic gift jewelry choice.

The compass pointer is a major design element in this collection. Symmetrical golden arrows symbolize the rays of the sun, radiating a sense of harmony and balance. The center lab-grown diamonds are set on antique-style openwork structures decorated with intricate patterns. The classic rhombus and round outlines bring out layered sophistication and brilliance of the the diamonds. The unique electroplating craft plays with light and shadow. Golden arrows shine through the silvery background, like piercing sunlight guiding you out of a storm, empowering you to conquer the waves in this rewarding journey.


1. Lead Me On Stud Earrings

The Lead Me On Stud Earrings are shaped like hollow rhombuses. The contour is embellished with complex compass patterns and clamps a brilliant lab-grown diamond in the center. The intricate compass design compliments the simple elegance of the center stone. With every turn of your head, the diamonds’ breathtaking sparkle will catch everyone’s eye even with a brief glimpse. Add some beaming brightness to your life with this pair of unique vintage earrings.


2. Lead Me On Compass Pendant

Round pendants are timeless fashion pieces, and this vintage pendant is no exception. The Lead Me On Compass Pendant is a graceful round diamond compass specially designed to appear larger. Four golden pointers symbolizing sunlight clasp the center diamond in four directions, reflecting a sense of harmony and balance. The halyard surrounding the center group of diamonds is a paean to human courage. Warm yellow-gold glow on the white-gold compass, shining like the sun that guides you out of storms. May your heart be filled with courage and hope with this chic round pendant.


3. Lead Me On Pointer Pendant

The Lead Me On Pointer Pendant is an elaborate octagon diamond compass with eight yellow gold arrows pointing toward the center, where a lab-grown diamond lies in the focal point. The arrows unfold like petals of a blooming flower and glint like night stars. Numerous melee diamonds are stacked on the layered structure, adding to the richness of the diamond’s fire. The whole pendant forms a complex diamond cameo. Channel your inner energy with this Pointer Pendant and let the sharp golden arrows pierce through the unknown and guide you to reach your fullest potential.


4. Lead Me On Solitaire Ring (Pear cut)

This style of Lead Me On Solitaire Ring is available in 2 different fancy cuts. The 0.3-carat pear-cut lab-grown diamond crowns a v-shaped ring band embellished by melee diamonds. The soft outline of the pear-cut diamond contrasts with the outline of a sharp gold arrow, bringing out a touch of dainty elegance. This vintage-inspired ring will be a great choice for an elevated everyday look. Let this shimmering ring point you in the right direction.


5. Lead Me On Solitaire Ring (Princess cut)

The 0.3-carat princess-cut lab-grown diamond crowns a v-shaped ring band embellished by melee diamonds. Princess-cut diamonds have always been very popular. Its modern look with undeniable brilliance makes it stand out in fancy cuts. The clean outline of the princess-cut diamond in this Princess Cut Solitaire Ring fits the sharp curve of the ring band impeccably, adding a taste of modern fashion to your look. Stay bright and edgy like this ring in your future journey to come.


6. Lead Me On Compass Ring

The Lead Me On Compass Ring is a perfect pair with the Compass Pendant. Four golden pointers expand in four directions, forming a symmetric circular compass. The center lab-grown diamond is circled by a golden halyard rope in the center of the openwork structure.

A golden halyard rope circles the lab-grown diamond in the center of the openwork structure, connecting the center stone with every part of the compass, coalescing powerful energy inside. The Lead Me On Compass Ring is a brilliant star in the universe, radiating light into vast space.


7. Lead Me On Solitaire Ring (Oval cut)

The Lead Me On Solitaire Ring (Oval) is a simple yet lovely ring. The diamond-encrusted gold pointers stretch towards the center of the ring, holding a 1-carat oval-cut lab-grown center diamond. This ring will also make a stunning vintage engagement ring. Metallic luster and diamond fire will shine on your fingertip, a splendid testament to making your special moment eternal.


Whether you are looking for love jewelry to celebrate your anniversary or daily vintage-styled jewelry accessories to add some shine to your look, Zaiyou’s Lead Me On collection offers a variety of stylish designer jewelry to choose from. May this collection channel your inner energy to explore the unknown and inspire you to bravely go where no one has gone before.

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