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Jewelry Maintenance Guideline

How to maintain your diamond jewelry

If your jewelry is only set with diamonds,
then you need to be aware of the following while wearing it:

Avoid sports

When bathing, swimming, surfing, diving,
or engaging in other physical activities,
take off your jewelry and store it safely to
avoid loss or hindrance during movement.

Avoid bumping

Avoid knocking or bumping the jewelry.
Impact can cause distortion or scratches
on the diamond and metal,
affecting the appearance of the jewelry,
and potentially loosen the diamonds.

Why getting darker

Diamonds are prone to oil accumulation.
If you feel that your diamond is not as radiant as before, don't worry,
it is not a degradation of thediamond,but it may have accumulated grease.
Therefore, be mindful of cosmetics, sunscreen, or other oils coming into contact with your diamond jewelry.

Becomes dull

If the diamond jewelry becomes dull,
gently clean it with a degreasing detergent
and a soft brush, or you can also use
an ultrasonic cleaning device.
(Please note that this method is only suitable for jewelry set with diamonds only. Do not use this method to clean jewelry set with other gemstones.)

How to maintenance of pearl jewelry or pearl-diamond jewelry

Pearls are delicate organic gemstones that are naturally produced in freshwater or saltwater.

Pearls have a low hardness

It is important to avoid impacts or collisions when wearing them, as any damage caused would be irreversible.
It is also crucial to avoid contact with any chemicals and refrain from wearing pearl jewelry during activitiessuch as bathing, swimming, or sports.
Additionally, excessive sweat can corrode the nacre layer of pearls, and contact with acidic substances like carbonated beverages can also cause irreversible damage to the nacre layer.


In addition to careful wearing, it is recommended to gently wipe the pearls with a clean and soft towel after each wearing and store them in a slightly damp environment to maintain their luster.
Please note that pearls should not be exposed to ultrasonic cleanersor cleaned with any chemicals.

Pay attention to temperature

Avoid close contact with heat sources such as open flames or ovens, and avoid exposing gemstones to large temperature differences in a short period of time.
Some gemstones can crack, change color, or undergo changes in inclusions due to exposure to temperatures that are too high or too low.

Take care of your jewelry

If your pearls are set together with diamonds in the same piece of jewelry, please follow the maintenance guidelines for pearl jewelry to take care of your diamond and pearl jewelry.

If your pearls have suffered damage or corrosion while being worn, unfortunately, these damages are irreversible.
We can replace the pearls for you, but there will be associated costs.
Please contact support@zaiyoujewelry.com for further assistance.

How to maintain your flat snake chain

Take care of your jewelry

The karat gold snake chain is crafted using a special weaving technique to create a smooth surface that is soft and flexible like a snake. This chain is very delicate and should not be bent while wearing it. If the chain becomes bent and forms creases, these marks will be irreversible, and the only solution would be to replace it with a new one. Therefore, please be extra cautious when wearing the chain, and avoid bending it during activities, while sleeping, or when storing it in your daily routine.

How to maintenance of jewelry setting with other gems


Jewelry should not be bumped or struck. External impact can leave scratches on the jewelry, cause gemstones to become loose, or damage both the gemstones and the metal. If the jewelry becomes severely deformed or damaged, it may be irreparable.


Avoid contact with any chemicals. All chemicals have the potential to corrode or change the color of jewelry. When gemstones other than diamonds come into contact with chemicals, they may be corroded, discolored, deteriorated, lose their shine, or, for example, in the case of Karat gold products coming into contact with mercury in cosmetics, the Karat gold may turn red.


Avoid close contact with heat sources such as open flames or ovens, and avoid exposing gemstones to large temperature differences in a short period of time. Some gemstones can crack, change color, or undergo changes in inclusions due to exposure to temperatures that are too high or too low.


Do not wear jewelry while bathing, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, boxing, or engaging in other intense activities.

Keep jewelry that is not being worn in a jewelry box or stored properly. This is particularly important for jewelry with lower hardness colored gemstones, as improper storage can result in color change or damage to the gemstones. Please note that almost all gemstone damage is irreversible.

Metal Care:

Karat Gold & 925 Sterling Silver

Karat Gold

Karat gold is relatively harder than pure gold, making it ideal for setting gemstones. Generally, karat gold comes in several common colors such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and black gold. Apart from yellow gold, the formation of other colors in karat gold is often achieved through electroplating. Electroplating can typically cause color changes or fading after 1-2 years of wear, in which case you would need to have your jewelry refinished. 

Karat gold is not very resistant to scratching, so the metal surface is more susceptible to being scratched. If you accidentally scratch or strike the metal surface forcefully, it may leave marks. In such cases, you can have your jewelry sent to a bench jeweler for refinishing.

It's important to note that there is one situation where karat gold may turn rust red, and that is when you use cosmetics containing mercury and they come into contact with your karat gold jewelry. In such cases, it is advisable to have the jewelry refinished and to check the ingredients of your cosmetics.

You don't have to worry about karat gold products being wasteful or environmentally unfriendly. Karat gold products are sustainable metal products, which means that when you want to replace your old jewelry, you can melt down your old jewelry to make new pieces or you can inquire about selling prices at local jewelry stores.

925 Sterling Silver

The 925 silver jewelry sold by Zaiyou Jewelry is plated with a thick layer of electroplating, which, with careful maintenance, can prevent oxidation for over two years. Here are some steps you need to follow to maintain it:

  1. Avoid wearing jewelry when sweating heavily or applying chemicals such as cosmetics or perfumes.
  2. Try to avoid wearing jewelry while swimming or playing in the sea.
  3. Promptly wipe the jewelry with a soft, clean towel after wearing it.
  4. Protect the jewelry from being struck or scratched.

If your jewelry starts to oxidize and the surface turns black, you can take it to a local bench jeweler for refurbishment.