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Classic Jewelry Trend in 2023AW - Akoya Pearls Jewelry - Zaiyou Jewelry

Classic Jewelry Trend in 2023AW - Akoya Pearls Jewelry

When we think of the moon we often recall its radiance and orbital shape in a vast night sky, being the brightest source of light in the dim night, outshining the countless stars around. How could we capture the beauty of the moon in jewelry? Diamonds are bright and spectacular, but they lack the soft luminary radiance and elegance of the moon, they also lack its iconic orbital shape, akoya pearls on the other hand, are the perfect embodiment of the moon.


Akoya pearls are Japanese saltwater cultured classic pearls, they are perfectly round with a bright luster that resembles the moon, with pink, blue or silver overtones. Considered more valuable and rarer than freshwater pearls and becoming increasingly more valuable with time, akoya pearls come from the smallest pearl oyster and are usually below 10mm. Zaiyou Jewelry uses precious 7.5mm akoya pearls with an incredibly strong luster to recreate the moon and its radiance, embodying the full moon of the night. The sole source of light in the night sky, glowing with a radiance that is unmatched by any other star in the Earth’s night sky. The moon is much like the akoya pearl in that aspect, the brightest and the most beautiful radiance in the deep dark ocean where few seldom reach.


In autumn, the moon is at its fullest and brightest, it radiates a golden hue that is rarely seen outside of autumn, this beautiful but short phase of the moon is where it is the most grandiose and scenic. The Moonlight collection by Zaiyou Jewelry perfectly captures the way the golden autumn hue and the paleness of the moonlight intertwine and become one, with saltwater akoya pearls as the moonlight and 18-karat yellow gold beads as the golden hue in autumn, in a beautifully unique and classic love jewelry collection. Beads of different sizes form depth that resemble the depth of the moon’s reach, where some places have darker shadows and others are completely bright with the moonlight. 18-karat gold beads overlay with the akoya pearls like the way the moon and its golden hue overlap, giving a warmth to the otherwise cold moon, soft and radiant with the residual heat of mid autumn.


Perfect for an anniversary gift for your lover or for yourself to wear with outfits of any style, from white shirt and blazer to winter jackets and sweaters, these pieces of designer jewelry will make any style you wear radiant and glow like the moon. Regardless of age and social situation, the Moonlight collection is for everyone and anytime, simple and classical, each perfectly round beads of akoya pearl and yellow gold glides over the skin like the gentle caress of a ray of moonlight, orbiting the wrist and neck like the way the moon orbits around Earth. In an alternating size pattern, the pearls and gold phase in and out like moonlight fading through the night, adding uniqueness to a simple classic design. Not only does the Moonlight collection go with every outfit you own in your closet, it also entrusts an aspect of the long-standing impact of the moon to the wearer, with unique elegance and classical beauty, embody the moonlight.


Moonlight Akoya Pearl Necklace

Inspired by the golden reflection of the moon in water, with the akoya pearls as the visual centre delicately aligned by the 18-karat gold beads, this necklace will radiate softly like moonlight around your neck and collarbone. With an adjustable length of 45-50cm, its practical and comfortable nature are retained in the simple and dainty design, creating an air of elegance and serenity, a must-have in your daily outfit.


Moonlight Akoya Pearl Bracelet

With the moon being represented by the fresh water akoya pearls and its shadow represented by 18-karat gold beads that ripple outwards, this bracelet gracefully orbits around the wrist like moonlight gently caressing the skin. Extendable up to 8cm to fit any sizes of wrists, this bracelet is easy to wear and can effortlessly create a classic yet unique look for your outfits.


Moonlight Akoya Pearl Drop Chain Earrings

In a descending size order of small to large, akoya pearls and 18-karat gold beads elegantly drop down from the ear lobe in a beautiful cascade, as the moon merges with its reflection in a dance of reality and mirage, softly surrounding the ear of the wearer. With an adjustable length, these earrings will suit the different needs of your daily styles perfectly, adding a distinguished elegance to the casual daily outfits.


Find solace in the moonlight and embody its radiant elegance with the Moonlight collection by Zaiyou Jewelry, gift this collection to your lover and declare your love or gift this collection to yourself, love yourself the way you wish to be loved. Carry on the quest to the moon, chase after it with the never-ending desire to explore it as a new world, even if you cannot reach the moon just yet, you can still feel a glimmer of its radiance in the Moonlight collection.

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