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Customization Process Guide

Welcome to Zaiyou Jewelry's custom jewelry service!

Before customizing, we need to confirm a few things:

1. All items labeled as "Customized" are made to order, specifically crafted for you after you place your order. They are created by selecting gemstones and tailoring them to your requirements.

These requirements include:

  •    The karat gold color of the jewelry, which you can choose from White/yellow/rose/black gold.
  •    Customizing according to your size, such as your ring size or a bracelet that fits your wrist size.
  •    Engraving based on your request, such as engraving your unique inscription on the back of a pendant or inside a ring's shank. (The specific number of letters may vary depending on the design.)

2. It's essential to note that all custom-made items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please carefully consider your order before proceeding, and make sure to mention your requirements when placing the order or inform us service@zaiyoujewelry.com  via email

3. The production time for custom-made items is typically around 25 working days, while high-end jewelry may take approximately 3 months.

Regarding the selection of the main diamond's quality:

In some of our jewelry designs, you might notice the notation:

on jewelry setting with ROUND SHAPE main diamond:

"F/VS2/EX/EX/EX/IGI and above" ,

“H/SI1/VG/VG/VG/IGI and above”

on jewelry setting with FANCY SHAPE main diamond:

“F/VS2/EX/EX/IGI and above”,

“H/SI1/VG/VG/IGI and above” 

Here's what it means:

on jewelry setting with ROUND SHAPE main diamond:

on jewelry setting with FANCY SHAPE main diamond:

For example, you may receive a 1.05ct/F/VS1/EX/EX/EX diamond with an IGI certificate,

or you may receive a 1.01ct/E/VS2/EX/EX/EX diamond with an IGI certificate.

This entirely depends on what diamonds we have in our inventory, and for this diamond's 4C standards, it will either match your purchased diamond's quality level exactly or exceed it in at least one of the 4C standard.

Click here to learn more about Diamond's 4C >

Why are we different compare to other traditional diamond dealer?

As for why we don't follow the traditional approach of selecting the diamond first and then choosing the design, it's because at Zaiyou Jewelry, all our jewelry products are meticulously designed, and we exclusively use premium-quality diamonds. This approach is meant to save you time in the process of selecting and comparing diamonds.

In our professional view, the differences between diamonds with DEF or GH color, VS/VVS or VS2/SI1 clarity, and IDEAL/EX cut or EX/VG cut are not substantial to the naked eye; they all represent top-tier quality. The price differences within lab-grown diamonds are also not significantly significant.

Zaiyou is focus on unleashing the beauty of diamond jewelry, emphasizing the aesthetics of the jewelry itself. Therefore, we do not adopt a sales logic primarily based on selling diamonds. Instead, we strive to seamlessly integrate premium diamonds into our jewelry designs. When you purchase a Zaiyou Jewelry product, you are acquiring a complete piece of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective diamond jewelry that embodies our design and craftsmanship, reflecting your unique style and taste.

5 Steps to get your customized jewelry

Regarding the process after placing an order for custom products:

1. When you place your order, please specify your requirements in the product notes.

2. We will contact you via email to confirm your size, requirements, and if your custom design includes an IGI main diamond, we will provide you with the specific main diamond parameters.

3. Once we receive your confirmation, we will proceed with the manufacturing process. 

4. After manufacturing is complete, we will conduct a rigorous quality inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, we will send you photos of your jewelry via email for your review.

5. Your order will be shipped to you.

At Zaiyou Jewelry, we will keep you informed at every step of the process through email communication and by sharing images.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email service@zaiyoujewelry.com  . We greatly appreciate your trust.

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