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Diamonds can—and should—be part of our daily lives!

Our mission is to unleash the beauty of diamonds by creating high-quality, dazzling, and affordable jewelry.

“ We believe that the love and appreciation for beauty and art among humans can transcend all our differences. ”

– Melody Chen, Founder

Meet the Founder

Melody Chen (Yuange Chen) is a jewelry enthusiast. She studied Accessory Design in Italy and spent two years at the Carlsbad campus of GIA (Gemological Institute of America), obtaining all of their Graduate Diplomas in Gemology, Diamonds, Colored Stones, Jewelry, and Jewelry Design & Technology.

Since it’s founding in 2019, Zaiyou’s designs have been awarded with various international recognitions, with “Different Collections for Different Human States” as the inspiration behind its contemporary art-inspired creations.

Bigger. Brighter. More Affordable.

Melody and her team envisioned a future where people could combine beautiful diamond jewelry with their everyday wear, and this is now possible with the advent of lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown enables us to push the boundaries of design and quality—creating wearable pieces of art that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to many via mined diamond jewelry.

Our goal is to offer you meticulously-designed jewelry with strict craftsmanship, so that you can discover a piece that represents your own self-expression.

Award-Winning Jewelry Design

Zaiyou's creations are internationally recognized for their originality

Meet the Team

Everyone in the team works with a great passion for jewelry.Every piece of Zaiyou Jewelry delivered to your hands goes through design, creation, rigorous jewelry craftsmanship, and quality control, ultimately presenting extraordinary jewelry.

Meet the Designers

Yunmei Huang is a jewelry designer who has been involved in the industry since 2013. She initially studied in the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, majoring in Craft Art(Metal Art). And then she was awarded the Master’s degree of Arts in Fashion Artefact at University of the Arts London.

Her design “The Venation” won the 2022 A'Design Awards, and “Beyond Constraints” won the 2023 MUSE Platinum Award in the Jewelry Category.

Yunmei’s creations possess contemporary design language and a fashionable style, aiming at an aesthetic with attitude.

Yingqian Ma is a jewelry designer who has been involved in the industry since 2017. She initially studied in the Product Design, Donghua University, majoring in Jewelry design. And then she was awarded the Master’s degree of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Silversmithing at University of Edinburgh.

Her representative works are “Flower Fables” and “Greek Pantheon”.

Yingqian's design style emphasizes individuality and creativity, conveying a unique sense of beauty through elegant elements, minimalist design, and playful details.

The Meaning of "Zaiyou"

Zaiyou [Let Things Freely Be] is a text by ancient Taoist philosopher Zhuang Zi (Chuang Tzu) which argues that within a world that seeks success, wealth, and social status, we should instead focus on our own uniqueness and true desires.

Inspired by those ideals, the brand name is also a play on words that combines the Mandarin word for "about" (zài, 在) and the English for "you"–because it's all about YOU, our goal is coming up with jewelry created to express YOU.

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Our Promise

What you see is what you get

All pictures and descriptions are a true portrayal of our products.

Rigorous quality inspection for all jewelry pieces

We abide by the strictest quality standards to ensure your full satisfaction.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Our sourced metals, gemstones and packaging are conflict-free and low-impact.

Lifetime after-sales repair service

We stand behind our craftsmanship with warranty service for all jewelry.