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Top 5 High fashion statement jewelry pieces for every special occasion - Zaiyou Jewelry

Top 5 High fashion statement jewelry pieces for every special occasion

Got a special occasion coming up? Whether it’s an important presentation or a red-carpet event, these 5 unique high fashion jewelries from the Venation Collection by Zaiyou Jewelry will be sure to draw you all the attention you want, and you’ll never have to worry about clashing with someone else.

Winner of the prestigious silver A-Designs Awards in 2022, The Venation Collection captures the essence of what it means to be alive, grow and thrive. Inspired by the spiraling growth of plants, Venation presents “life” as a never-ending search in the same way plants strive for light, growing stronger and older in the process. Designer Yunmei Huang embeds lab-grown diamonds into each piece encased in an abstract 3D construction of 9-karat white and yellow gold, demonstrating the irregularity of growth and the sparks of life between each curve and spiral, a true demonstration of craftsmanship and technology in modern high fashion.

The road of life and growth for a plant isn’t always smooth, it is in fact full of obstructions and dangers, a rock, a hungry animal, anything could end the life of a little sprout. Yet life still persists in places least expected. Seedlings are so fragile yet they can penetrate concrete, break stones and spiral upwards in their chase for sunlight, their will to live drives them to achieve things that seem almost impossible. The soft curvature of each piece of unique jewelry in Venation embedded by tough lab-grown diamonds represents the growth of plants perfectly, using modern 3D printing technology and artistic design to tribute the vitality of plants. The sleekness of the curves and lines in the design also creates a futuristic feel that is incredibly contemporary and modern. Now let’s take a look at the pieces individually.


1. The Venation - Lab-grown Diamond Drop Earring - Large

Demonstrating the upward path of plants as they grow and expand their reach, the curves and twists of the main body creates space and gives a 3D effect to this piece that is unmistakably artistic and contemporary Large Drop Earrings. Worn either as a single earring or in pair, look no further for an elegant and creative statement piece to express your unique fashion sense.


2. The Venation - Lab-grown Diamond Drop Earring- Medium

Inspired by the path of vein growth seen on ferns, these Spiral Earrings in White or Yellow Gold feature lines that are stretched and pulled into elongated lines that are joined together in between. This is a more futuristic statement piece that express the strength and liveliness of life as it ebbs and flows, perfect for those who want to make a strong impression with their unique sense of fashion.


3. The Venation - Lab-grown Diamond Drop Earring - Small

Captures the curved state of new plant growth in a diamond-encrusted piece, hugging the earlobe closely as a plant curves around a stem, delicate yet holding unlimited potential to grow and bloom. The Venation's Small Diamond Earrings are perfect for those who want to bring more fashionable and unique sparks to their everyday outfit.


4. The Venation - Lab-grown Diamond Brooch

Each diamond glistens like morning dew on top of fern stems that curve and meander, beautifully elegant while the metallic texture creates the strength seen in the growth of plants. Pair this Unisex Diamond Brooch with any simple outfit or glamorous evening gown for an elegant and androgynous feel, whether you’re looking to dress more masculine or more feminine, this brooch would be perfect for you.


5. The Venation - Lab-grown Diamond Ring

A beautifully crafted ring with an open back, rows of venation going from densely packed to loosely spaced, speckled by lab-grown diamonds that resemble drops of morning dew. Add this totally Unique Diamond Ring to your collection of precious statement pieces and wear it every time you feel the growth of life and inner strength.


In modern times, threats of war and changes of our environment loom over us everyday, we live in anxiety and fear as we hear about countless news of conflict, but the vitality of humans is just like that of plants, through decades and centuries, no matter how difficult and hostile the environment around us is, we humans always overcome these difficulties with our tenacious vitality and find a way to coexist with the environment. As this collection is inspired by nature and plants, lab-grown diamonds were used in favor of a more sustainable option instead of natural diamonds. The quality remains the same while the impact on the environment are reduced tremendously, allowing nature to thrive once again. These pieces by Zaiyou Jewelry are not only of the finest quality but also environmentally conscious and sustainable, Zaiyou hopes that more lab-grown diamonds which are almost as perfect as natural diamonds can enter people’s lives and let more people experience high quality, more aesthetic and more cost-effective art jewelry. So those who are looking for high fashion jewelry yet wish to be more environmentally friendly need to look no further as the Venation collection truly has it all.    


So, add these pieces of fine art pieces to your collection today, and experience the unique high fashion that embodies life and growth yourself. Or perhaps gift these pieces to a loved one who would love a reminder of the lush growth of plants and the elegance of contemporary jewelry collection that is worthy of being treasured. See the curvatures and flows of each piece of these sustainable high fashion jewelry and live through them, embody liveliness and thrive in the ever-changing natural vitality that is the Venation collection with its conflict-free and environmentally friendly lab-grown diamonds. Embrace the tenacity within you, find the fern that can grown even in the most hostile environments. Thrive in nature, live as Venation.

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