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YOU ambitious

You are an ambitious monster, yearning for power, status, and wealth, and fighting for them. Let these jewels stand by your side in the battle.


Let this commanding Eternity ring accompany you. It's dazzling, powerful, and attention-grabbing, providing you with charisma and strength.

Lead Me On

With a compass, a pointer, and a rope, set sail towards the direction your heart desires!

Golden Age

The geometric patchwork, full of Art Deco style, presents the luxury and romance of the golden age. The combination of vintage elements and modern design creates a unique 1920s-inspired charm.

Royal Tiara

When the tiaras bestowed upon queens by time and status are transformed into rings on your hand, you possess your own power.

Universal Gravitation

All things adhere to the law of universal gravitation. When you desire intensely and take action, just like water dripping on a stone, what you want will be yours.