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YOU showing off

Shine brightly with your jewelry! Your attitude, your emotions, everything you want to express, it's all within these sparkling lab-grown diamonds!

Infinite Samsara

Taking inspiration from the classic Zaiyou logo, representing "Sparkle in samsara," we dissected and transformed it into a 3D structure, creating the brand's iconic avant-garde artistic jewelry pieces.

Royal Tiara

Queen’s Tiara! Five historically famous tiaras transformed into rings in your hands, unleash your power to the fullest!

Beyond Constraints

Zaiyou's award-winning masterpiece in high-end jewelry! The interweaving elegance and the power to break free from constraints come together as one, showcasing a strong and liberated inner self in this series.

Classic Styles

All the classic styles are here, with lab-grown diamonds of different shapes and carats fulfilling all your dreams, achieving diamond freedom!


Infinite diamonds , various cuts encircle the finger, wear it to satisfy all your fantasies about the Eternity Ring.

Golden Age

he geometric patchwork, full of Art Deco style, presents the luxury and romance of the golden age. The combination of vintage elements and modern design creates a unique 1920s-inspired charm.


The classic and timeless Tennis style, a sparkling jewelry piece everyone wants to own.