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Things You Don't Know About Akoya Pearls - Zaiyou Jewelry

What Are Akoya Pearls? Everything You Need To Know about Akoya Cultured Pearls

The truth is, Akoya Pearls are not just a foreign name that sounds interesting every time you say it. They are, in fact, a type of cultured pearls that can exceed anyone’s expectations in the world.

What are Akoya Pearls Actually?

In ancient Rome, wearing pearls was a huge privilege, and the lower classes were not allowed to own them. The demand for pearls increased dramatically, leading people to explore other ways to source them. In 1893, Akoya pearls made history as the first cultured pearls, thanks to the efforts of the son of a Japanese noodle maker who invented the technology of inserting a foreign body into the interior of an oyster. Since then, the Japanese Akoya pearls have become a family treasure, passed down from generation to generation.

Akoya Saltwater Pearl cultivation begins with pearl divers diving to depths of up to 10 meters, harvesting these oysters from farms in the cold ocean waters around Japan. A bead from the shell of another mollusk is carefully inserted into the oyster, and the oyster is then returned to the seabed. This piece becomes the nucleus of the pearl, as the oyster, irritated by this foreign object, begins to coat it with nacre.

The cooler waters in that part of the world cause the pearl to grow more slowly, making it more compact and giving it much more luster. Only the best 5% Akoya pearls produced meet the quality requirements of the pearl jewelry industry, meaning the quality of Akoya pearls in your jewelry should be very high.


What is Special about Akoya Pearls?

SHAPE: Akoya cultured pearls tend to be round and perfectly round pearls are the most popular, other shapes such as teardrop or oval can be used in earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry.

SIZE: Akoya pearls range from 2mm to 11mm, with the average size being 7mm. The price of the pearl increases with its size and the smoothness of the surface.

COLOR: Akoya pearls' natural color range covers silver white, creamy, pink, gold, gray, and blue. It is important to inquire whether the pearl has been artificially colored when buying pearl jewelry.

Surprisingly, the HARDNESS of Akoya pearls scores 2.4 to 3 on the Mohs scale, ranking them alongside softer minerals. If we were to compare them to minerals, they are slightly harder than halite (rock salt) and can be as hard as calcite.


How to grade Akoya pearls

Understanding the grading system for Akoya pearls is crucial before making a significant pearl jewelry purchase. Akoya pearls are assessed using the Japanese Pearl Grading System, ranging from A-AAA, with the pinnacle being represented by Hanadama Akoya pearls.

The grading system considers surface quality, luster, perfection of shape, and nacre thickness. It's evident that Hanadama Akoya pearls score the highest in each criterion.


Akoya Pearl in Japan

In Japan, the Pearl Science Laboratory (PSL) is a well-known and reputable laboratory. Over time, various laboratories have developed their grading systems to further distinguish pearl quality.

Here's an interesting tidbit: PSL infuses a touch of romance into the graded systems. For example, Japanese Akoya pearls are assessed using systems like TENYO (meaning angel), HANADAMA (meaning flower-pearl), and RADIANT PEARL.

These systems take into account factors such as nacre thickness, surface smoothness, and luster. Additionally, they provide a symbolic meaning for each pearl, adding a deeper layer of significance for the customer.


Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Zaiyou Infinite Samsara Collection-Diamond Clasp with pearl necklaces

Inspired by the Zaiyou logo, our Akoya Pearl Necklaces in Small, Medium, or Large have a unique clasp that possesses its own understated charm and elegance, perfectly complementing the top-quality pearls. This collection includes pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelets. Customers can choose the type of Akoya pearls for the jewelry, ranging from HANADAMA, TENYO, to RADIANT PEARLS. The pearl size options cover a range from 6mm to 8.5mm.


Lab Grown Diamond Clasp With Akoya Pearl Necklace in White Gold - Large – Zaiyou Jewelry

I bet you've received tons of Christmas or New Year party invitations. And you'll never be too early to prepare your outfit for special occasions. Whether you choose a dazzling dress or a classic luxury suit, this Large Akoya Pearl Necklace will make a statement upon your entrance.

Zaiyou has crafted a range of diamond clasps, each tailored to complement different sizes of pearls.The large clasp pairs perfectly with pearls between 7-8.5mm. The top-notch quality pearls bring out the classic aesthetic, and the luxurious diamonds add a drop-dead gorgeous vibe. This is the perfect necklace for any formal occasion.


Lab Grown Diamond Clasp With Akoya Pearl Necklace in White Gold - Medium – Zaiyou Jewelry

People often don’t realize the mind games at play when it comes to special occasion outfits. You don’t want to appear to be trying too hard, but you still want to draw attention from a certain crowd. And that is when this Medium Akoya Pearl Necklace comes into play. The elegantly designed pearl jewelry speaks for the fashion aesthetic itself.

The medium-size clasp exudes an understated luxurious vibe, making perfect sense to pair it with pearls between 6.5-7mm. This necklace is suitable for all kinds of formal occasions, from business dinners to cocktail parties.


Lab Grown Diamond Clasp With Akoya Pearl Necklace in White Gold - Small – Zaiyou Jewelry

It is every woman’s dream to share jewelry with their daughter. This Small Size Akoya Pearl Necklace can be a perfect gift for girls of any age. The necklace has an understated luxury vibe, making it a perfect gift to pass from generation to generation.

With the small clasp, you can't go wrong with 5.5mm-6.6mm pearls. The delicate design makes the necklace radiant with youthful charm. This will be the perfect match for graduation outfits or romantic dates.


Zaiyo’s Moonlight Collection - Zaiyou – Zaiyou Jewelry

The artistic side of Zaiyou brought out the Moonlight Collection. This assortment includes varying colors of pearls that mimic the moonlight in pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, and pearl bracelets. The brilliant craftsmanship has artfully adapted pink pearls to recreate the fluorescent moon, while gold pearls elegantly paint the moonlight on earth.

The simplest design makes the collection a perfect match for winter outfits, especially the creamy white with a ton of pink, followed by blue, purple, or green under different lighting, bringing out a bright mood in winter.


The golden rule of pearl care

Pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. Cosmetics, hair products, perfume, and sweat can all cause damage to pearls. We do not recommend wearing pearls during summer or while doing exercise. Following this rule will help preserve your pearls' luster.

We recommend storing pearls separately from other jewelry, as they are softer than other gemstones and can easily be scratched if they come into contact with other pieces. Segmented jewelry boxes and leather pouches are ideal for keeping your pearls separate from other jewelry.

To keep pearls looking radiant, gently wipe them with a clean, soft cloth when necessary. This will remove any surface dirt and keep the pearls' luster visible. It's important to treat pearls differently than other gemstones; avoid submerging them in water or exposing them to soap or detergent, as this can do more harm than good.

As a surprising yet essential addition to the golden rules, consider placing a glass of water in the storage area. Maintaining a moist environment is crucial to prevent chapped surfaces on your pearls, ensuring their long-lasting beauty.

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