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The Holiday Gift Guide: Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Under $800 - Zaiyou Jewelry

The Holiday Gift Guide: Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Under $800

As we step into November 2023, cold wind starts to howl and the holiday season is right around the corner. As you head back to your warm, cozy home, don’t forget to bring your loved ones their holiday gifts to light up their day and show your appreciation for them in the past year. Zaiyou Jewelry offers a variety of affordable designed jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds, gold, and precious Akoya pearls.

 Lab-grown diamonds have the exact same chemical and physical composition as earth-made diamonds, and thus the same brilliance and fire, yet they are much more affordable than natural diamonds. They are also a more ethical and eco-friendly alternative to natural diamonds.

Zaiyou Jewelry believes everyone should be able to purchase high-quality jewelry with original designs and a unique aesthetic. Lab-grown diamonds enable Zaiyou to present our award-winning designs to you within a reasonable price range. Today, we will look at a few of Zaiyou’s most popular jewelry collections under $800 that will make great holiday gift choices tailored for your loved ones.


Energy-Yoga Collection

The Energy-Yoga Collection is wonderfully fun and unique as it incorporates yoga postures into stud and drop earring designs. 9 karat and 14 karat gold composes the gracefully curved body of a yoga practitioner and a shimmering lab-grown diamond forms the head. We have crescent moon pose, standing bow pose, dancer’s pose, and pigeon pose as stud earrings.

For those who prefer earrings with a more slender shape, this collection also ingeniously incorporates aerial yoga poses into a delicate drop earring design. We have aerial warrior pose, T-balance pose, aerial swallow pose, suspended splits pose, and aerial stag pose in this category.

They will be perfect gifts for your yoga-enthusiast friends. Who could say no to an earring doing their favorite yoga pose? This might be the most unique piece of designed jewelry in their collection!


Flower Fables Collection

The Flower Fables Collection is a collection of alphabet pendants. Each initial letter pendant is inspired by a flower with the same initial letter and the meaning behind that flower. Find the flower that belongs specially to you or your loved one and let them know your appreciation through the language of the flowers.

The pendants are made with 9-karat gold with a lab-grown diamond on top. The letters are treated with a special process called Abrasive Blasting and thus have a soft matte finish to them. The flowers intertwining the letters, on the other hand, have a high shine finish to emphasize their tenderness and delicacy. Two different textures weave together an exquisite pendant and a flower fable for a little bit of romance in daily life.


Blooming Collection

The Blooming Collection has been Zaiyou’s most popular collection since its launch in 2020. This collection includes a pair of drop earrings, a pair of chain earrings, two necklaces, one bracelet, and one ring.

Clustered melee lab-grown diamonds form delicate floral patterns on vines made with 14-karat gold. The necklace in this collection also has an Akoya pearl to add another layer of shine to your look. These simple yet elegant designs will give you an effortless chic look when worn alone. However, when you layer them with other pieces of jewelry, the exquisite floral patterns give off a fresh yet luxurious vibe, like a cascading rain of flowers in a floral path. Feel the fragrant spring breeze with the unique jewelry in the Blooming Collection.


Moonlight Collection

Looking for Christmas gift ideas? The Moonlight Collection will be a fantastic choice. The Moonlight Collection is a collection of pearl earrings, pearl bracelet, and pearl necklace made exclusively with rare Akoya pearls and 18-karat gold. All Akoya pearls used are 7-7.5mm in diameter with little to no imperfections and a bright, crisp luster. The surface of the pearls is perfectly smooth and radiates dreamlike rose, blue-green, and purple overtones.

Pearls are elegant yet versatile gemstones that will suit all kinds of looks, from vintage to modern. The pearl jewelry in this collection is especially great for daily wear in fall and winter. Pair them with cozy sweaters or heavy coats and add a subtle sheen to your soft, fuzzy look. The necklace and bracelet chains have a two-hole sliding bead for easy length adjustments. Adjust the length for different styling needs and explore the versatility of these pearl jewelry.


These collections of designed jewelry will be charming gifts in the coming holiday gift season. Every piece is designed and crafted with care, and we hope the love and treasure can be passed on. From earrings inspired by yoga poses, initial letter pendants with corresponding flower fables, to graceful Akoya pearl necklaces, you can always find unique, personalized jewelry for your special person (or yourself!) in Zaiyou’s gorgeous product portfolio. With Black Friday coming soon, it will be a great time to snatch some of our most popular pieces for a discounted price. Follow Zaiyou’s social media accounts to keep an eye out for the latest updates and don’t miss out on this sale!


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