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About Meaning of "ZAIYOU"

Where is the name Zaiyou come from?

the name “Zaiyou” comes from the title of an article written by the ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi. Our founder is a big fan of him, in particular loves “Zaiyou”.
This article expresses that in the vast world, we often consider worldly success, wealth, and social status as our ultimate pursuits.
But can we consider those are ultimate meaning of being alive?

However, Zhuangzi believes that we should instead focus on each individual's nature and their true desires within. Each person is unique and different, and those who can maintain this uniqueness often prefer solitude.
These people who prefer solitude are the most precious individuals in the world.

How does the spirit of Zaiyou connect with us?

In the past century, diamonds have always been associated with marriage and social status. People use diamonds to prove love, demonstrate their wealth and worth.
But with the rise of lab-grown diamonds, we believe that this incredibly beautiful and shimmering material can finally become jewelry that belongs to you personally, without any other associations. It can not only express your aesthetic sense and attitude but also accompany every meaningful moment in your life.

Interestingly, the word "Zai" in Zaiyou in Chinese means "about", while "you" in English means "you". What a coincidence! It’s all about YOU!
Therefore, when we designing jewelry, we hope that the jewelry is completely created to express YOU.

Thanks for it is the hardest and most dazzling diamond, it can accompany you for a long time and witness your unique life.