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The Ultimate Shopping Guide to Find A Timeless Engagement Ring-Zaiyou Jewelry

The Ultimate Shopping Guide to Find A Timeless Engagement Ring

So, you’ve finally made the decision to tie the knot with your significant one and plan to spend the rest of your life together! How exciting, and if you are reading this article, chances are you are going to propose, expecting a proposal, or have already shopped around for some engagement ring inspirations, thinking “what engagement ring should I get”, “should an engagement ring be big”, or expensive.

But before both of you say “yes” to an engagement ring, there are lots of considerations to take and it can be overwhelming, especially when there’re just too many engagement ring ideas to explore.

After all, an engagement ring is a long-term investment, it is a piece that you and your loved one are likely to wear forever, so we all want the best in our budget. Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative engagement ring, it’s nearly half price of a minded diamond of similar clarity, cut and size. With a cheaper price tag, it comes more option, and in short, a smaller budget can buy you a bigger lab-grown diamond.

So, if you find yourself dazzled by various designs and unsure of what to choose, consider exploring classic styles that have remained popular for many years. This article recommends mainstream ring styles to help you make a timeless choice.


Why Choose Us?

At Zaiyou Jewelry, we only commit to high-quality lab diamonds, and all main diamonds in our wedding collections come with IGI certification. When you choose a diamond of a particular grade, you only receive a diamond of a higher grade. We also keep you informed at every step of the process through email communication and by sharing images and videos.


What To Look For When Picking Out An Engagement Ring


The cut of the main stone sets the tone of your engagement ring. Stone shape, or diamond shape refers to its geometric appearance. There are a range of traditional and unique stone shapes to reflect different tastes, styles, and personalities. But you should avoid getting caught up in engagement ring trends, a unique engagement ring should be a unique, and a timeless symbol of your love, not others, so you should always aim to find the one that suits and best reflect your partner.

There is a dozen of stone cuts available for engagement ring in the market, we list some of the most popular diamond cuts and break them down in an order based on the diamond brilliance, from dazzling brilliance to understated beauty, diamonds can exhibit a spectrum of appearances.

  • PRINCESS CUT Being one of the most popular diamonds cuts, princess cut presents a versatile face-up shape, and gives the illusion of a square shape when viewed from the top, but they are structured like inverted pyramids, featuring two to four chevron patterns on the underside of the cut. Princess cut diamond gives you a more modern and edgy alternative to the traditional round engagement ring. 


  • OVAL CUTThe oval cut diamond is for those who adore the classic engagement ring and fiery brilliance of the round diamond but want an alternative engagement ring that’s more contemporary. It’s essentially an elongated version of a round diamond, which helps achieve a longer and slender finger look, and sometimes looks larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.


  • RADIANT CUTThe radiant-cut diamond lives up to its name by capturing and reflecting light brilliantly. Much like the emerald, it has a square shape and round corners, and its distinctive deep-cut facets enhances its sparkle. But unlike a princess-cut diamond with sharp edges, the radiant cut features eight corners, reducing the risk of chipping. However, if you seek a larger looking stone, the deep cuts may give the illusion of a smaller appearance. Additionally, its rarity means a limited selection, making it a distinctive choice for those who appreciate exclusivity.


  • CUSHION CUTThe cushion-cut diamond, often referred to as the 'pillow cut,' features larger facets and rounded corners that looks like a cushion. This vintage-style cut shares similarities with the round cut, showcasing 58 facets and a rectangular shape. The cushion diamond exhibits excellent light reflection and scintillation, making it well-suited for solitaire, shoulder, and cluster-style rings.


  • ROUND CUTThe round cut brilliant diamond has been a super popular choice for classic and minimalist engagement ring due to its cone-shaped cut, maximizing shine with 58 facets. Each circular stone is crafted into a cone shape, starting from the bottom, and tapering upward with a rounded top. Versatile and timeless, it suits various styles, making it ideal when you are unsure of your partner's preference.


  • EMERALD CUTBeing one of the most enduring styles for engagement rings, the emerald-cut exudes elegance with its clean lines and a captivating "Hall of Mirrors" effect. Described as a step-cut diamond, it skillfully captures and reflects abundant white and colored light through its 49 rectangular facets that ascend and descend. The overall depth of the cut, accentuated by its elongated shape, gives the impression of taking up more space on the finger. For those who prioritize size, an emerald-cut engagement ring can appear more substantial than its actual carat weight, making it a compelling choice.


  • PEAR CUTThe pear-cut diamond, also known as the 'teardrop,' combines elements of both oval and marquise shapes, and are ideal for those who enjoy experimenting and seeking a distinctive appearance. When incorporating it into your engagement ring, you can wear the point either towards or away from your hand, offering versatile looks. however, the point facing away from the hand is the most popular way to wear it. Due to the shape's pointed tip, these rings work best in a bezel or half-V setting, as they're prone to chipping.


  • Also known as the Navette cut, the marquise cut is famed for its regal appearance, featuring curved sides, and pointed ends, akin to an elegant football shape. Its elongated design creates the illusion of greater size and imparts an elongating effect when set vertically. Due to its extended length, it has more size per carat than any other shape, meaning it can often appear larger. The distinctive form of a marquise diamond complements vintage and halo styles beautifully.



A diamond setting is the way a diamond is mounted or secured onto a ring's metal band. Choosing the setting for your engagement ring is a crucial step that substantially affect the overall design of the ring. Familiarizing yourself with the appropriate terminology is essential to make an informed decision and select the right ring.

Some of the most popular settings include:

  • SOLITAIRE – the most classic and simplest setting where asingle diamond is set on a simple band, emphasizing the beauty and elegance of the individual stone. 
  • HALO SETTING - a large stone framed by smaller stones (e.g. melee diamonds), adding sparkle and creating a stunning visual impact.The option extends beyond a single row of melee diamonds on the exterior. You can also elevate the luxury quotient by considering double or even triple rows of exquisite melee diamonds for a truly opulent touch.
  • THREE-STONE - featuring three diamonds, typically a larger center stone flanked by two smaller stones, symbolizing the past, present, and future. This setting increases sparkle, making the center appear larger. The arrangement maintains a simple yet luxurious style, and different combinations are available for selecting side stones based on the main diamond's size. 



After deciding on your main diamond, you can also choose a side ring for your engagement diamond ring for an enhanced visual appeal, increased brilliance, and show some personal tastes and styles! These basic daily rings can be worn individually or paired with an engagement ring, showcasing individuality.



In addition to our classic ring styles, you also have a wide range of beautifully designed jewelry to choose at Zaiyou to coordinate and compliment your engagement ring, such as pendants, earrings, necklaces and more.

By following those recommendations, I’m confident you will be well-equipped to thoughtfully select an engagement ring, the process can be nerve-wracking, but investing in time and care into choose one will undoubtably be appreciated.

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