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Matching Rings for Couples? Discover Solid Love, our Unisex Ring Collection

Matching Rings for Couples? Discover Solid Love, our Unisex Ring Collection

As Saint Valentine's Day approaches, a day to celebrate your affection for that special someone, you may be searching for the perfect gift to express your love. Movies will end, roses will fade, and a fine meal with champagne will become nothing but a pleasant memory. What you want, or what anyone would want, is something special that will last forever.

Introducing our Zaiyou Solid Love collection. Crafted from 18k solid gold and captivating lab-grown diamonds, this collection features a unique brick-shaped design for the ring, symbolizing the future you want to build with your partner. The joints between bricks also represent the collaborative effort required for a mature relationship, adding depth to the symbolism.

Inspired by the minimalism trend, this collection is anything but simple. The designer has meticulously considered elements like the cut of diamonds, shape, and size of the setting, creating not just jewelry but fine art with a touch of poetic elegance, and with unisex ring designs that are perfect for Him & Her!

To embark on a lifetime journey with your partner, you'll need to 'ask permission' first. And nothing speaks more about your commitment than the engagement ring from our Solid Love Collection. Discover a collection whose designs make for the perfect matching rings for couples!


The Ultimate Ring That No One Can Say No To

Combining romantic and modern vibes, this ring has a charm that no one will ever resist. The round-cut diamond shines like the sparkle in your eye when you feel love. The wide ring set embraces modern aesthetics, with radiant diamonds nestled between the brick-shaped white gold, achieving a romantic touch.

You can choose the size of the main stone, and it goes without saying, the bigger the main stone, the more valuable the ring will be.

A considerate gentleman might leave the imagination of the ring to the lady. That means a nice ring set without a stone is also a grand gesture. Our engagement ring set can be customized with a 0.3ct, 0.5ct, 1ct diamond, or even bigger. I would say yes to that!


The True Marriage Material

People often associate big diamonds with wedding rings. However, as we never want to take off the ring, it's crucial that the ring serves not only as a romantic gesture but also as a fashion statement. Our Yellow Gold Modern Promise Ring is the perfect choice! It maintains the wide brick-shaped ring set design, allowing you to dictate the rules regarding the number and size of the diamonds.

Remember, there is no rule stating that you can only have one on your ring! Our thinner Lab Diamond Minimalist Wedding Ring will make every diamond lover scream. The shining diamonds are intricately beaded into each joint of the brick, embracing the 18k high luxury gold. This wedding ring symbolizes strong faith and belief in love.

If you're after a more laid-back vibe, our Lab Diamond Modern Wedding Ring brings a unique twist to the table. Featuring a round-cut diamond set in a gypsy style, this ring boasts a brick-shaped band that effortlessly blends clean lines, embodying the commitment to a lifetime of joy. What's cool? You get to play designer by choosing where the diamond sits—inside or outside, on top or bottom of the ring band. Talk about personalized perfection!

And for those who prefer a more subtle vibe, our wedding rings also come in white gold. Nothing says more about minimalism than a luxurious white gold ring. A ring that can be romantic and practical at the same time—who said you are not marriage material!


Reaching For The Star For Her

Our Minimalist Engagement Ring in White Gold is another elegant and stylish engagement ring option. The brick-shaped ring set is slightly slimmer in comparison to others. The brilliant round-cut diamond is solidly attached to the center of the ring set, and the thin yet elegant shape of the ring makes the diamond stand out.

To better accomplish the dreamy proposal, we also have another Minimalist Engagement Ring option. Alongside the center stone, bead setting side stones on the brick-shaped ring band lift up the charm of the main diamonds, making the ring a star that shines through your finger.


The Ring Without The 'Milestone'

Some might say life is a journey of treasure hunting; others say the treasure you are looking for is right with you all the time. Our Hidden Lab Diamond Wedding Ring is the best symbol for that life philosophy.

The Hidden Lab Diamond Wedding Ring features a gypsy setting round-cut lab-grown diamond, supported by luxurious solid gold. Simple yet elegant, this ring can be designed in white or yellow gold. The decision to showcase the diamond on the exterior of the ring band or discreetly nestle it inside your own secret spot is entirely yours to make.

For those enchanted by the timeless allure of white gold, our collection welcomes you to indulge in the captivating elegance of our rings available in a stunning Thin wedding Ring in White Gold finish. Immerse yourself in the world of refined sophistication as you explore our selection. Opt for the enchantment of a radiant round-cut diamond, strategically placed at the very heart of the ring band. Selecting the perfect ring has never been more personal, allowing you to express your unique style.

Another great option for those who opt for a thinner ring design is our Minimalist Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold - SmallThis ring symbolizes the unity of two lovers in building their future together. Its brick-inspired design gives it a three-dimensional and architectural feel. The high-polished surface, combined with shimmering diamonds, adds a touch of glamour to its minimalist and stylish appearance.

But if you feel as if the above design is not sparkling enough, the white gold version of the Thin Wedding Ring features tiny diamonds in a bead arrangement across every brick section of the band!

We can't say enough about why the Solid Love Collection is the best unisex ring collection to match with your partner. The idea of putting a strong brick into your early marriage shows the determination of a happy marriage.

Even better, with this poetic symbol, the collection also offers various fashion choices, whether a wide or thin ring band, big or small diamond, satisfying all romantic needs for everyone. Zaiyou also made a big move by introducing unisex jewelry for couples. Whether it's the substantial ring band or the understated small diamond design, Zaiyou is breaking free from traditional expectations for couples, providing a fresh and inclusive perspective on couple dynamics.

The unisex design is suitable for both him and her, fostering a sense of unity and growth within the couple. With the Solid Love Collection, Zaiyou not only crafts exquisite jewelry but also paves the way for modern expressions of love and commitment.

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