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Royal Family Inspired Jewelry: Introducing Zaiyou Jewelry’s Royal Tiara Rings-Zaiyou Jewelry

Royal Family Inspired Jewelry: Introducing Zaiyou Jewelry’s Royal Tiara Rings

Tiaras were once representations of power and nobility that can only be bestowed upon females. Nowadays, modern women seek to break the glass ceilings and earn themselves the position of power. To celebrate this feminine strength, Zaiyou Jewelry transformed 5 famous tiaras into unique designer diamond rings to remind you that you are the one in charge of your fate, and your own destiny lies at your very fingertips. Today, we introduce the Royal Tiara Collection, a ring collection created in 2019 featuring 5 unique lab grown diamond pieces of royal family inspired jewelry. 


The Strathmore Rose Tiara Lab Diamond Ring

The Strathmore Rose Tiara Lab Diamond Ring is inspired by the Strathmore Rose Tiara. The Strathmore Rose Tiara was a wedding gift from Lord Strathmore to his daughter, the future Queen of the United Kingdom, Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. Queen Elizabeth II inherited this tiara from the Queen Mother in 2002, and we see the Princess of Wales wore it this year for the South Korean state banquet at Buckingham Palace in London. The tiara can be worn both as a bandeau and as a traditional tiara. It dates back to the late 19th century and features five delicate diamond roses. The Strathmore Rose Tiara Lab Diamond Ring incorporates the same elegance and delicacy in its floral design. The shape of the ring mimics a pricked rose, combining the soft rose petals with a sharp outline of leaves and thorns. The clustered lab-grown melee diamonds add a glistening shine to the elegant tiara on your fingers, manifesting perpetual nobility and elegance. This piece of unique jewelry is made with lab created diamonds and will be a statement diamond ring in your collection.


The Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara

The Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara Lab Diamond Ring is inspired by Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara. The center of Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara is a detachable diamond brooch, gifted to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893. The diamond bandeau was made in 1932 to accommodate the center brooch and the bandeau tiara was bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara Lab Diamond Ring resembles the tiara in its rounded shape and refined geometric design. A brilliant center stone is set in between intertwining stripes of melee diamonds, shining with a calming presence. This white gold diamond ring is a perfect piece of everyday tiara jewelry with just the right balance between simple elegance and exquisite details.


The Laurel Wreath Tiara

The Laurel Wreath Tiara Lab Diamond Ring is inspired by the Marichalar Meander Tiara. The Marichalar Meander Tiara was a wedding gift to Infanta Elena of Spain as a wedding present, and it combines the laurel wreath and the meander motifs. The Laurel Wreath Tiara Ring is a fashionable twist on the Marichalar Meander Tiara. Slim laurel leaves grow freely towards the sky, weaving together a diamond laurel wreath holding up the clustered center stone as a crown of flower. This lively diamond ring captures the vital energy of life and eternalizes the tension of life in its delicate design. This fashion diamond ring can be worn with any outfit and will infuse an extra shot of energy into your look.


The Baden Fringe Tiara

The Baden Fringe Tiara Lab Diamond Ring is inspired by the Baden Fringe Tiara. The Baden Fringe Tiara was a wedding gift from the Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden and Princess Louise of Prussia to their daughter, Princess Victoria of Baden, when she married the Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden and Norway in 1881. This crown has been worn by many Swedish princesses and queens. The Baden Fringe Tiara Lab Diamond Ring has the same sunray motif. Diamond pillars of different length make up the radioactive shape of this ring. The brilliance of the diamonds is physicalized into specks of melee diamonds linking the diamond pillars together into a single unity. This unique royal family inspired jewelry piece will add a sharp punch to your look. It will also be a perfect gift jewelry choice for your friends who love designed jewelries!


The Nine Provinces Tiara

The Nine Provinces Tiara Lab Diamond Ring is inspired by the Nine Provinces Tiara. The Nine Provinces Tiara is an Art Deco Tiara gifted to Princess Astrid of Sweden when she married Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium in 1926. The Nine Provinces Tiara Lab Diamond Ring resembles traditional crowns. Interlocking triangles form the main body of the ring, holding the center stone and clustered melee diamonds in the middle of each section. The middle triangle arches the highest, drawing attention to the brilliant center stone. Clustered melee diamonds add a sophisticated layer of shine to this antique-styled diamond ring without taking away the limelight for the center stone. This lab-grown diamond ring has a powerful presence, but it also leaves out some hollow white space for it to be worn with a versatile array of outfits as an everyday diamond jewelry piece.


Each of these five designer diamond rings is inspired by a royal tiara and makes a powerful statement about feminine power. Be your own queen and grasp your fate within your own hands. This collection makes exceptional gifts and can also be worn daily with any outfit. Celebrate the strength of modern women with this royalty inspired jewelry collection from Zaiyou.

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