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Love Conquers All: Zaiyou's 'Bite Me' Collection For Pride June

Love Conquers All: Zaiyou's 'Bite Me' Collection For Pride June

As Pride June approaches, the time to celebrate has come, as members of the LGBTQ+ take centre stage. To reflect this, Zaiyou introduces its ‘Bite Me’ collection —‘I am who I am, so what’. The collection is a bold declaration to society to service the otherwise voiceless family of people that are now at the forefront of diversity and inclusion.

Bite Me

The collection is inspired by the romantic relationship that we all have with fictional characters, whether that be the notorious fangs of dracula or the immaculate whites donned by childhood hero turned king, Simba. If observed closely, the canines represent all aspects of an apex predator - fighting, playing, merely eating, loving and nurturing – this collection is dedicated to every individual who bravely fights, who bravely plays, who bravely nurtures and who so bravely dares to love.

Pride Jewellery: Guardians of Identity

Inspired by the sharp canines, the 9k Gold Diamond Earrings are available in three colours. Adorned with 0.04ct stunning lab-grown diamonds, these earrings serve as both your weapon and your shining armour. These earrings can be worn in front or back, tightly wrapping your earlobes and mimicking the motion of  biting. May these earrings encourage you to embrace your inner urge, navigating life's challenges with strength and resilience, while also embodying the beauty of enjoying life to the fullest.

When fiction characters capture their prey with their teeth, they grip it tightly and steadfastly hold on. These 9K Gold Diamonds Ear Clips artistically embody the determination to accomplish objectives. These ear clips are available in different sizes: the smaller ones can hold the top of your ear tightly, while the bigger ones are suitable for the middle part of your ears.The bead-set 0.04ct lab-grown diamonds adorning the ear clips securely hug your ears, reflecting the steadfastness with which every individual holds their true identity close.

Diamonds are renowned for their strength and resilience. Therefore, Zaiyou adopts stunning 1.86ct lab-grown diamonds for the exciting Pride festival. These Gold Diamonds Semi-circle Earrings capture the essence of the canines in a fight — strong, resilient, and unapologetically radiant. As each diamond adorns the ear, it signifies the unwavering strength and beauty of every individual.

Waving the ‘Pride Flag’: Connect With The World Boundlessly

Some fiction characters fight with their teeth, while humans in real life fight with their fists. Inspired by the look of a fangs, Zaiyou designed this Gold Diamonds Uni-sex Ring. The fabulous 0.35ct diamonds highlight the unique ring band, encouraging every individual to face life's challenges with grace and beauty. The canines symbolise the determination and strong faith within our true identity.

When one finds their most valuable possession, they often hold it tightly, fearing it may slip away. This 3 Rows Gold Diamonds Ring, available in three colours, features rows adorned with canines design. These fangs closely guard the precious 1.32ct diamonds in the middle. This ring serves as a reminder never to let your dreams slip away.

The 9K Gold Lab-Diamonds Hollow Uni-sex Ring is also another reminder to guard your true identity closely. The gold-made canines gently ‘bite’ the 1.23ct lab-grown diamonds in the middle, mimicking the way Simba was nurtured by his mother. This ring is available in two colours: one fully white, fashioned for summer with a simple yet elegant tone. The other one is a mix of white and black, adding a funky touch to your summer outfit.

The two gold lines intersect and converge in another dimension, forming the Gold Diamonds Open-End Ring (Yellow\White\Blackthat brings together people from diverse worlds and mindsets. The open-end design features a continuous adaptation of the fangs motif, adorned with exquisite lab-grown diamonds. This ring band is suitable for all LGBTQ+ individuals, reflecting a philosophy of limitless possibilities in life.

Prideful Protection: Guiding Dreams with Shimmering Strength

The Gold Diamonds Canines Pendant Necklace is the perfect gift to celebrate Pride June. Crafted with a circle of gold-made fangs, it is adorned with stunning 0.24ct diamonds, symbolising the protection of one's true dream. Two small pendants embellish the necklace, guiding you towards the path to your ultimate destination.

There are two different sizes of pendants positioned at the centre of the Gold Diamonds Cross Necklace. The main pendant features gold-made shaped fangs forming a cross, with precious 0.4ct diamonds in the middle. This bold design challenges traditional and restrictive religious norms, particularly as LGBTQ+ are not widely accepted in many churches. The necklace is finished with a simple yet elegant lab-grown diamond, adding a poetic touch to the journey of soul-searching.

Embracing one's true self is a journey filled with challenges, yet it's also adorned with small rewards to treasure—friendship, self-realisation, and beyond. The 9K Gold Lab-Diamonds Akoya Pearls Choker poetically encapsulates this journey of self-discovery. As the fangs vigilantly guard principles and dreams, the luminous Akoya pearls gracefully emerge between them. Fashioned from 9k white gold, the choker acts as a bridge, linking the sharp canines and pearls. Dazzling diamonds embellish the fangs, casting a radiant glow upon your dreams and bolstering your confidence, held close to your heart.

True equality means being treated the same, regardless. Zaiyou's focus at this year’s pride festival is that we all have the courage to be ourselves and if you don’t like that, then ‘bite me’.  

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