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From Royalty to Voyage: Jewels of Women's Empowerment

From Royalty to Voyage: Jewels of Women's Empowerment

When people discuss women's empowerment, they often focus on significant issues like equal pay and rights. However, the concept of women's power permeates our everyday lives, from grand conversations to small gestures. As Miley Cyrus once said, "I can buy myself flowers," Sometimes we can buy ourselves more than just flowers. Instead of waiting for someone handing over a diamond ring, we can buy ourselves one, or for as many as we like.

From Crown to Hand: Embracing Women's Power with Jewellery

Drawing inspiration from jewellery worn by the Royal Family, this collection shifts the traditional tiara from the head to the hand, symbolising the inherent power that women possess. It serves as a gentle reminder that women are in control of their destinies, with their fate resting at their fingertips.

Combining symbols of women's power with elegant aesthetics, this collection epitomises feminism at its finest. The Strathmore Rose Tiara Lab Diamond Ring, inspired by Queen Elizabeth II's tiara, pays homage to its predecessor with five delicate roses adorned with exquisite lab-grown diamonds, capturing the same elegance and delicacy in its floral design.

Similarly, the Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara Lab Diamond Ring draws inspiration from Queen Mary's Bandeau Tiara, featuring a rounded shape and refined geometric patterns. A dazzling centre stone is nestled amidst intertwining stripes of melee diamonds, exuding a tranquil allure.

The Laurel Wreath Tiara Lab Diamond Ring takes a modern approach to the Marichalar Meander Tiara, with slim laurel leaves reaching skyward to form a diamond wreath that cradles the clustered centre stone like a floral crown. This vibrant ring symbolises women's resilience and pursuit of strength and power.

Inspired by the Baden Fringe Tiara, worn by Swedish princesses and queens, the Baden Fringe Tiara Lab Diamond Ring boasts a sunray motif, with diamond pillars of varying lengths creating a radiant silhouette. The brilliance of the diamonds is further enhanced by specks of melee diamonds that connect the pillars, unifying them into a cohesive whole.

Finally, the Nine Provinces Tiara Lab Diamond Ring draws inspiration from traditional crowns, featuring interlocking triangles that encase the centre stone and clustered melee diamonds within each section. This antique-styled ring is adorned with clustered melee diamonds, adding a sophisticated layer of shine without overshadowing the centrepiece.


Find Your True North: The Lead Me On Jewellery Collection

If life is a voyage, the captain decides the direction and speed of our sail. That means you are the captain of your own life, leading the way to your destiny and making life-changing decisions. May you have the courage to sail through all the difficulties to your dream destination in life.That's why we recommend our Lead Me On Collection.

This collection takes inspiration from classic compass designs, offering vintage-style earrings, pendants, and rings. Let the compass lead you towards a lifetime of happiness and excitement.

The Lead Me On Stud Earrings feature hollow rhombus shapes adorned with intricate compass patterns, holding a brilliant lab-grown diamond at the centre. The detailed compass design perfectly complements the elegance of the centre stone.

The Lead Me On Compass Pendant boasts a graceful round diamond compass, specially crafted to appear larger. Four golden pointers, representing sunlight, surround the centre diamond in all four directions.

Pendant enthusiasts will also appreciate The Lead Me On Pointer Pendant, an intricate octagon diamond compass with eight yellow gold arrows pointing towards the centre, where a lab-grown diamond lies. The pendant's layered structure, adorned with numerous melee diamonds, adds depth and richness to the diamond's brilliance, creating a captivating diamond cameo.

Empowerment comes from holding your own destiny, which is why we offer the Lead Me On Solitaire Ring. Available in two fancy cuts, this ring features a 0.3-carat pear-cut lab-grown diamond atop a v-shaped ring band adorned with melee diamonds. The soft outline of the pear-cut diamond contrasts beautifully with the sharp outline of a gold arrow, adding a touch of delicate elegance. The Princess Cut Solitaire Ring showcases a princess-cut lab-grown diamond atop a v-shaped ring band embellished with melee diamonds. The clean lines of the diamond complement the sharp curve of the ring band, infusing a modern twist into your style.

We also have The Lead Me On Compass Ring, a perfect match for the Compass Pendant. Four golden pointers extend in all directions, forming a symmetrical circular compass with the centre lab-grown diamond encircled by a golden halyard rope within the openwork structure.

Completing the collection is the Lead Me On Solitaire Ring featuring an oval cut. The gold pointers, adorned with diamonds, gracefully extend towards the centre of the ring, showcasing a brilliant 1-carat lab-grown diamond. May this ring serve as your guide to eternal passion and excitement.

Whether adorning the 'Royal Tiara' ring symbolizing women's inner strength or selecting the 'Lead Me On' compass jewellery, every woman proclaims her independence and autonomy in her own way.

It's important to remember the essence of this holiday isn't just about honoring past achievements, but also about inspiring each woman, regardless of where she is or what challenges she faces, to boldly pursue her dreams and take charge of her destiny.

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